Solar System 쏠라 시스템 (2021)

Documentary Film

Un documentaire qui suit l’histoire d’une grand-mère maternelle dont la mémoire devient de plus en plus faible. La réalisatrice, sa petite-fille, enregistre des paysages de sa vie quotidienne où rien ne passe, mais où il y a toute la gravité qui a fait l’ordre de sa vie.

팔순을 넘긴 할머니 정숙은 몇 해 전부터 깜빡하는 일이 많아졌고, 인지기능 장애 초기를 진단받았다. 돌보는 존재에서 돌봄을 받는 존재가 된 할머니. 그런 할머니의 흘러가는 시간과 일상이 손녀의 시선으로 기록된다.

Jungsook, a grandmother who is over eighty years old, started to lose her memories since several years ago and was diagnosed with early-stage cognitive impairment. Grandmother who was once someone who took care of others, now is cared for. Grandmother's passing time and daily life are recorded by her granddaughter's camera.

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